Wednesday, November 17, 2010

God's Protection

When I got in this morning, Adam had a little while before therapy started so a grabbed an orange (Adam's favorite color) ball (light and plastic) and I asked him to play catch with me.  I gently threw the ball to him and he looked at me with a surprise look, I explained to him that we were going to play catch and then I showed him how we were going to play.  Next I threw the ball again and this time he moved his head to look for it and then he moved his arm and hand to pick it up.  I asked Adam to hand me the ball, and every time I have asked him to let go or hand something to me he squeezes harder because I think he is trying so hard and concentrating so hard that he ends up squeezing harder.  Anyway, I grabbed my camera and recorded video of Adam moving his arms and hands to get the ball.  About 20 minutes into playing with him, when I went to throw the ball to him, he opened his hand to catch it, and even better, when I asked him to had it to me, he reached his hand over to me and put the ball into my hand. I had so much fun playing with and I could tell he enjoyed it to. 

Adam's therapies went well today, Adam was very awake and alert today!  He was surprising me constantly today.  In physical therapy he stood again with Erin and was doing so great at balancing.  He was finally assigned a primary speech therapist, her name is Stacie, and I just love her.  She is a great addition to Adam's team... she wanted to see how strong Adam's swallow reflex is so she used a special dy and dyed ice chips blue, then she fed Adam about 4 or 5 ice chips, then she used a suction kit to suction his lungs to make sure no blue dy was found and to confirm Adam was swallowing down the right pipe... he passed!  He did great swallowing!  GO ADAM!!!  What a great day for him. 

I missed Adam's occupational therapy session with Becky today because I got a call from the school nurse that Mackenzie was complaining of severe back pain.  So I had to get her, we spent the next couple hours at the pediatrician's office trying to figure out what's going on.  The type of pain Mackenzie is complaining of isn't usual for someone her age.  So they are trying to figure out what's going on.  Tomorrow we head to Children's hospital for more tests.  She is having xrays and another test.  They eliminated any kidney problems which is good, the doctor wants to rule out any spinal problems... I am wondering if she might have pinched a nerve.  She seems to be getting around okay, so we shall see.  So please pray that it's an easy fix and nothing to serious.  I will keep you posted.

After getting Mackenzie tucked into bed this evening, I was able to get back to the hospital and be with Adam, I am laying next to him as I type, there is no place I'd rather be than right here where I belong with him.  Nights are always so hard not having him next to me, it's nice being curled up next to him.  There is something so right about being in his arms, I still feel like he is my protector, I feel so protected while in his arms.  I love how he makes me feel.  Having Adam is just a tangible way of being able to feel God's love and His protection for me.

Here's what the Bible has to say about God protecting us:

Psalm 18:2 God is our protector.

2 Timothy 4:17-18 God strengthens us and rescues us.
2 Thessalonians 3:3 God protects us from evil.
1 Corinthians 10:13 God protects us while we are being tempted.
Psalm 56:9 God protects us from our enemies.
Psalm 91:3-7 God protects us from danger.
Psalm 57:1 God protects us until disaster has passed.
Psalm 121:3-8 God is always protecting us.
Joshua 1:5 God's protection never leaves.
Isaiah 41:10 God's protection is reassuring.
John 10:28-30 God's protection is powerful.
Psalm 124:1-5 God's protection is necessary.
God is our strength and protector. In Him we will find peace and rest. Please put your faith in God today and be reassured that He will never leave or forsake you. I pray that these Bible Verses about God's protection helps you to see that God is always around you, protecting you, becuase He loves you and because He cares for you.  You are His beloved, don't think for a moment He won't protect you... after all He created you and all the more reason He wants to protect you.


Doug Mortensen said...

Beginning last night, I was praying that Adam would provide you with encouraging signs, today. It sounds like those prayers were answered. Praise God!

Anonymous said...

My Dear Amy!!! Praise God for your ball game!! Watch out Pro's, here comes Adam!! I am thrilled at how well he's doing. I WILL be praying for Mackenzie, and for her mommie to have strength and a quiet heart about having to leave her for her daddy, and for having to leave her daddy for her. I love you guys more than I can say, Marion Hansen

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