Thursday, November 4, 2010

Faith That Only God Provides

Today has been a long day.  Mackenzie had a great time in her meeting with the child life specialist, Kim, at Spaulding today, thank you for keeping her in your prayers.  Spaulding has a pediatric floor where kids are admitted for rehab, Kim's office is on the pediatric floor so Mackenzie was able to meet a girl her age who has similar interests, Anna is her name.  Anna has been a patient at Spaulding for awhile, and she and Mackenzie made a play date for next week. They are getting together for arts and crafts, I thought this was awesome!  She seems to be adjusting well up here not just to life in a hospital, but outside the hospital as well, she is really enjoying school and our home!  Praise the Lord!

Adam had an okay day today, I will start with the good part... in PT today with Erin he helped put on his tennis shoes, he lifted his foot up and stuck his foot into the shoe, GO ADAM!!!!  I will ask that you please pray for 2 specific health needs for Adam 1. he has had an upset stomach the last couple of days, so please pray that the doctors will be able to figure that out and fix it. 2. His cold he had last week is still present, he has had a stuffy nose and has been breathing out of his mouth, his mouth and tongue are really dry, so please pray that his nose will clear up. 

I did have our first family meeting at Spaulding.  It went okay.  I know so many of you want to help, and I am asking you to help us by not giving up on praying for my man.  Please continue to pray for his healing, his FULL restoration.  I know all things are possible through Christ.  I will not loose hope or faith that God will restore Adam.  I am so grateful that God supplies all my needs, including my faith to continue each day in this journey.  1 Timothy 6:12 "Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called "  Remembering that suffering is for such a short period of time when compared to enterity in heaven.   When keeping this in mind, it's easier to ask God to help us fight a good fight of faith... I will continue to ask God for the faith needed for each day.


Teresa said...

Hi Amy -
Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Can you explain what a family meeting is? Is it a counseling session for you and MacKenzie or is a session where they speak to you about Adam and what some of your options are, etc?

Anonymous said...

Amy can answer this too...but a family meeting is a conference where they talk about Adam's progress with therapy, set goals for the remainder of his time in rehab and start planning for where he will go when he is discharged from Spaulding's Traumatic Brain Injury Rehab unit. It can be stressful because the rehab folks are probably talking a lot about next steps and planning ahead while Amy (as she has shared in past blog posts is fighting to stay in the moment)...this can be a tough balancing act for families.

Amy & family,
Your UNC crew is still praying for and thinking of you guys. I have had several people comment on how excited they were to hear about Adam's progress...people here are still following the blog and still hearing the truth of God's word through your willingness to share your heart and your faith! I miss you guys, but am SO glad you are right where you are supposed to be!!

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