Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blessed By Head Nodding! Praise The Lord!!!!!

Adam had a busy day today... Mackenzie and I got to the hospital and we were busy right away.  For most of the day Mackenzie worked on a book report while I hung the postcards.  When Adam was transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital we weren't able to keep our private room and so all of Adam's things had to come down off the walls.  Today was the first chance I had to hang all his postcards in his new room (809).  We have had to rehang the postcards so many times, but I love it... it allows me to reread them all to Adam.  You all wrote such encouraging messages and words of wisdom that it's such a blessing to reread them.  I'm not sure how many postcards we have on the wall, I will have to count tomorrow, but I know it's over 100.  It truly serves as such a reminder to us that you all are walking this journey with us.

Just before I started hanging all the postcards I got Adam up in his wheelchair and turned his chair towards the wall so he could watch.  Also, cause he needed a hair cut and it's so much easier for me to cut his hair while he's in his chair.  After I finished his hair he was pretty tired and had been in his chair for awhile so we got him back to bed.  On and off throughout the day I was working with Adam on nodding his head yes and no.  I would ask him very factual yes and no questions and then I would respond for him with the proper nodding of the head.   After getting him all situated I was telling him that I was going to run downstairs and grab something to drink and I asked if he was okay and he nodded his head yes!!!!!!! It gets better... Adam's aunt and uncle just came to town today and I was letting Adam know that I was going to leave to meet up with them and he shook his head no, I said "you don't want me to go?" and he shook his head no again... this was so bittersweet for me because I am ecstatic that he responded, but felt awful that I was leaving when he didn't want me to go.  I explained that I would be back to tuck him in tonight and he seemed to be okay.  When I got back tonight, the nurse said he was waiting for me, usually he falls asleep but he didn't and she said he kept looking at the door and making noises.  As soon as I walked in his room he turned his head to find me and I came around to his bedside and he lifted his head off the pillow and I took that as he was trying to reach for a kiss so a leaned in and kissed him and he relaxed his head!  MY MAN LOVES ME!!!  He's so amazing and doing a wonderful job of letting me know it every day!  I love him! 

I can't wait to get back to the hospital first thing in the morning and brag to the speech therapist how wonderful he is doing at communicating with me.  Please pray that he will continue to be able to communicate with us with his head nods, this was truly an amazing experience.  This all happened so fast this evening that I wasn't able to get my camera out and record it. so I am hoping that Stacie (his speech therapist) will get to see it tomorrow too.

There is this overwhelming sense of joy that just seems to be engulfing us.  I am so amazed by God's faithfulness and goodness to us.  I am praising him and worshiping him for all that He has done, and is doing.  His hands are doing a mighty work in Adam's brain and body.  He has filled me with so much joy and peace lately, I am so blessed, by His love for us.  He is consistently reminding me that He is here and there is SO MUCH HOPE, Amen?!!!!  The greatest blessing God gives us is an encounter with Him and He has lavished me with blessings.


Anonymous said...

JOY! JOY! JOY!!!! How exciting Adam is able to share his love with you. I rejoice in what Father is doing for you all. How cool Mackenzie was doing her report in her daddy's room. This is just a taste of the family life Father has in store for you. Much love, Marion Hansen

Anonymous said...

oh amy i'm so happy for you :)
so GREAT news!!! looking out the window there is so brrr november weather, but thinking of adam busy nodding yes/no puts a smile on my face, aww God is so great and lovely. he's working on your man day in day out, that's just awesome. he touches all the nerves and 'sleeping' muscles that are needed to speak.. can't be so long until you will hear the result!!!

it's so wonderful to pray for your fam, i think the greatest thing God gave us is to care for each other, no matter what and how we do that. nothing can be compared with 'caring', it's a miracle, a hidden treasure, a fracture of God's heart.

big hug,

Debbie said...

Amen! Praise God!!
I love you,

jodi_96 said...

Praise the Lord!!! What awesome news, Amy!! I am continually SO encouraged by God's work in your lives and your consistent thankfulness and faith. You are amazing and so is our God!!

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