Friday, November 12, 2010

Back To Spaulding We Go!

Let your steadfast love, O LORD, be upon us, even as we hope in you.  Psalm 33:22  Dear Lord, There are so many things for which we hope, Lord: for restoration, health, for success, for safety, for peace. We hope that things will be better next year than they were this year. Yet, as noble as our hopes might be, You are the only certain hope. You alone are truly faithful. You alone deserve our full confidence. So even as we hope for many good things, we remember to put our hope most of all in You.  Lord, Your love satisfies us. Your love, given in Christ and renewed within us through the Spirit, keeps us centered in You, O God our hope.  Amen.

Today has been a victory once again!  Thank you all so much for praying for Adam to make gains and return back to where he was... the minute I walked into Adam's room today he was so alert and awake!  He followed me as I walked around his room.  He looks awesome today, so much better than he has in the last couple of days.  And for still not being on any neuro-stimulants, he's doing even more amazing!  This afternoon I took advantage of his alertness and asked him to give me a thumbs up, he gave me the most exaggerated thumbs up I have seen yet!  Not only that be he did it 4 times in a row with rests in between, finally on the 4th time I asked him I got my camera out and took a video of it!!!  He again gave me such an exaggerated thumbs up it was awesome!  The goal is to have Adam continue to work on a thumbs up and preform it every time he's asked.  Without trying to get an answer from him, just to preform the request of the thumbs up.  Once he is consistent with that, then we will work with him on establishing communication with a thumbs up (like yes's and no's), but we have to establish a consistent thumbs up first, and we are getting there!!!!  Again this is all on Adam's own doing and without the help of any medication!!!  This is amazing!

It's official, we made it back to Spaulding Rehab Hospital early this evening.  Riding with Adam back and forth to so many hospitals, I've ridden in more ambulances then I could ever have imagined.  Adam starts all his therapies tomorrow, I can't wait to get back into routine of therapies again... a week without seems like such a long time.  The doctor is also going to restart his neuro-stimulant tomorrow, so this should help Adam return quickly doing the things he was before.We did receive the mail that was sent there, so if you sent us something, thank you!  Getting care packages, letters, and postcards truly mean more than I could say in words.  It's such a tangible way for us to see that so many of you are in this with us and praying every step of the way.  Thank you so much, we are so blessed, God will repay what I cannot.


Gregarious Gus said...

Here's a THUMBS UP to you guys!!!! What great news!!! As always, you're in our thoughts and prayers!!! Give Hobo a kiss from us!! >^..^<

MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

Incredible and amazing! Praiseworthy and awesome! Go Adam and his precious family! Thank you Jesus!

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