Sunday, October 3, 2010

Trusting in God

This is Brooke, Amy's sister posting for her tonight. Amy really wanted to give everyone an update on her busy Boston day but was unable to connect to the internet so I'll write you a brief recap of her day!

First off, Amy was able to stop in to see Adam this morning and had the opportunity to have some prayer time with him. He seemed to be doing really well today and was alert and awake throughout her visit before she headed off to Boston with Stacey.

Once in Boston, Amy and Stacey wasted no time in pounding the pavement looking for an apartment. They viewed close to 20 different apartments today, and as you can imagine this is quite an exhausting process. Please pray that Amy will be able to find the right apartment that will not only be a convenient and safe location in relation to where Adam will be but also be the right fit for her and Mackenzie to be able to make it a home for them during this period.  We are all trusting that God will bring together the details of the move and prepare Amy, Mackenzie and Adam for this next step in the journey.  There are a lot of details involved when preparing to move let alone move in such a short notice. Please continue that God's hand will guide them throughout this process.

One last you know all three of them (Amy, Mackenzie and Adam) are apart tonight so please lift them up in your prayers for them to feel comfort and strength and pray for Amy and Stacey's safe return back to North Carolina!

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