Friday, October 29, 2010

Prays, Patience, and Comfort

Adam has had a great week and I am so proud of him and how hard he has worked this week!  In speech therapy with Brooke, Adam had a wash cloth on his forehead, Adam reached his hand up and leaned is head forward to take it off his head!  In physical therapy with Erin, Adam stood for the first time with some assistance.  Normally Adam had been standing on the tilt table, but Adam has been doing so great on the tilt table that Erin decided to try to see if Adam could most of the work on his own.  So one therapist stood in front and one in behind and they helped hold Adam up as he stood on his own two feet!!!  It will only be a matter of time before Adam builds the muscles back up to be able to stand without assistance, I am so incredibly proud of him!

I know through all of this God has been teaching me patience and trust. Patience for the long road of this journey. I was reflecting on my need for patience in trusting that God will restore Adam and trusting in God and his promises for us. It's amazing how God will give me the same message in multiple ways. In my quiet time today, through a Veggie Tales I watched with Mackenzie, and through a letter I received in the mail today. Romans 8:24 & 25 "We were given this hope when we were saved. (If we already have something, we don’t need to hope for it. But if we look forward to something we don’t yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently.)" I will wait and will continue to wait patiently for Adam's FULL restoration. I will continue to lean on God as my source of hope while we wait as he knits Adam back together one neuro at a time.

Mackenzie and I had a busy day, we started our day in the hospital, went to the doctor's office to get her a physical for school, went back to the school to finish registering her for school and meet her teacher, then we went back to the hospital for the rest of the day.  Mackenzie is excited to start school on Monday, please pray that she will continue to be excited as Monday approaches.  She also had to have a shot today as part of her physical for entering school in Massachusetts, and she's a little sore.  Dr. Geller, Mackenzie's pediatrician here in Massachusetts has been amazing, thank Dr. Geller for all that you have done today.

Many of you may remember the sweet lady I met at UNC whose husband had been in the Cardio-Thoracic ICU for months, her name was Linda Byrd (click her name to read about her)... anyway, please pray for her and her family.  I received an email that after being discharged from UNC they spent 2 wonderful months at home, then her husband Jack took a fall and sustained a fatal injury to his head.  He passed away earlier this month, please pray for my friend Linda, my heart just breaks for her.  I have been grieving for her today.  I am so blessed to know that her husband Jack is in heaven, that he had a relationship with his Savior, praise the Lord. 

Lord, we don't know why you took Jack home to be with you when you did, but Lord we trust in your plan and this was just part of your plan.  Lord, please bring comfort and peace to my friend Linda as she grieves the loss of her man.  Help her to find her hope, strength, and joy from you God.  Wrap your arms around her and hold her through the coming weeks with the holidays approaching.  May she experience you and your tangible love in ways that she has never experienced before.  We thank you for your promise that we are not alone, that you will never leave us nor forsake us.  We thank you that your words says you comfort us, Lord comfort my sister tonight.  Be with Linda as she tries to make sense of all of this.  Lord even with broken hearts, we give you thanks, and praise your holy name, because we know you are in control and you have plans for hope and to work all things for good, we hold onto these promises tonight. Thank you for your promises and for your word that brings so much comfort, we love Lord, Amen.

Linda and I 


Anonymous said...

Oh, my dear, dear Amy, My heart cried when I read about your friend Linda. Truly God's ways are mysterious. It is hard to say, Father knows and that's enough, when something like this happens. Thank you for sharing about her. Praise Father for how far Adam has come. I thought of a story, when you said one neuro at a time. "A young boy was watching a butterfly emerge from it's crysalis. First one wing, then the tip of the other. He got impatient and wanted to help. He broke the crysalis, releasing the butterfly. It was only then he realized the butterfly had a crippled wing. The struggle is what gives the butterfly fly wing strength to fly. Your Adam is the butterfly. This struggle is preperation for him to soar...not like the butterfly, but like the eagle. Father is doing a mighty work. Hugs to you and Mackenzie, and Adam too!! Marion Hansen

Anonymous said...

Your story is a true inspiration. I am so happy to hear of Adams progress. Stay strong,

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to Linda. I reflect on some of the days we visited at UNC/ICU. Prayers and love to her and the family.

Love, Mom

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