Monday, October 11, 2010

My Heart Is So Thankful

I have a huge prayer request and an awesome praise... I am going to start with the prayer request.

Tonight Adam finished his last dose of his antibiotic for his blood infection.  Only time will tell if the infection has truly cleared and managed to avoid his shunt.  The infectious disease doctor, Dr. Beckerer, came by today and said that really only watching him for the next several days will we be able to tell if the infection has cleared.  If by next Monday Adam continues to have no fever and neurologically speaking he doesn't go backwards then we will fly to Boston on Wednesday of next week.  I am believing and praying that there is no trace of infection anywhere in Adam's body.  If he shows any signs of a low grade fever or neurologically changes for the worse then he goes back to UNC... so please pray against this infection.  Please join me in praying healing over Adam's body, sickness, disease, illness... they have no place in my man's body.

So with my conversation with Dr. Beckerer... the plan is we will be here for at least one more week.  I will keep you posted as I know something. 

Adam had a great day today!   This morning during speech therapy, Deirdre put a spoon full of chocolate pudding in his mouth and left the spoon in his mouth at he lifted his left hand straight up and took the spoon out of his mouth.  Then later while the nurse was brushing his teeth, he did the same thing, he reached up for the tooth brush and helped brush his teeth... God is doing an amazing work in my man and I am so blessed that I get to see God's miracles in Adam progress every day.

I spent a good portion of my day just praising God for all that he has done.  There is so much joy in the journey.  The more I offer my thanksgiving the more God provides contentment in the midst of this situation.  Today I am grateful for:
  1. an all knowing, all powerful God who loved Adam and I enough to offer us eternal life with him 
  2. a God who supplies all our needs
  3. peace for the journey and grace for the moment
  4. a God who does work all things for the good, I am humbled and blessed by so many lives that have been touched through Adam's journey.  For those of you who have began walking with the Lord through this journey, please continue to be intentional about growing your faith.  God says remain in Him and He will remain in you.
  5. SCRIPTURE, praise God for scripture, every moment I am thankful for God's word and His promises.  His word has been a lamp unto my feet and a light unto the path.
  6. my man, what an amazing man of God and an awesome spiritual leader.
  7. an amazing, beautiful, and creative daughter... whose heart is so tender towards the Lord
  8. an incredible support system, (the world's greatest small group, and an awesome woman's bible study, plus friends and family) 
  9. the doctors, therapists, nurses, case managers, and other staff members at all the hospitals Adam has been in and is going to.  (they all have worked around the clock to provide the best care for Adam)
  10. Adam's gains that he has been making, he is truly a miracle and I am so blessed that God continues to heal Adam moment by moment
  11. technology and advanced medicine that has been available in Adam's care
  12. the sun in the sky that offers warmth to allow me to take my man outside every day
  13. Mackenzie's grief counselor who has been an amazing and tremendous blessing to both of us
  14. Samantha and her dog Qui for coming for Adam's pet therapy
  15. the moments of laughter in this journey, a cheerful heart is truly good medicine and I will be Adam's cheerful heart when he is unable
  16. Microsoft which has been amazing and wonderful what an incredible company to work for and to be apart of
  17. coffee, it brings so much comfort and is a little pleasure and treat for me
Usually when I finish my list of all the things I am grateful for that day as soon as I post it I can usually think of so many more... Focusing on what I am thankful for has brought so much peace and contentment.  Praise God.  If you are seeking to do God's will it's simple, His word says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 "give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."  God's will is that we would give thanks in all circumstances... I challenge you to make a list at the end of your day of things you are most thankful for in that day. 

Tonight was small group night and small group and those who have closely walked this journey with us came over tonight for a bonfire in the front yard... it was a time of fellowship and prayer for Adam. It was so wonderful... here are some pictures from this evening... 

 Mackenzie playing a game with all the kids


 John and Debbie

 The Caudill's

 The Ciancarelli's

 My North Carolina parents, Bob and Connie

 Amazing ladies of wisdom, Debby and Wanda

 The Strynar's

 The Alhmark's

The Jones' minus Jesse's wife Amy (we missed you)

The Kendall's

My girl... Stacy


Anonymous said...

Amy, I will trust with you that there will be NO INFECTION near or arond the stint. I will trust Father that you will be able to make your move as planned. What joy to see so many of your friends. Blessings to you, Marion Hansen

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all of Amy's closse friends and church family. As we continue to join together and hold Adam, Amy, and Mackenzie before the Lord, He continues His faithfulness. It has been a pleasure to have met several of you upon our time out in NC. God is good!

May God bless you small group families, freinds at TCC, and those around the world who hold my family in prayer through this journey.

In His Love,
(Amy's mom) :)

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