Sunday, October 10, 2010

Humbled By The Presence of God

I feel ambushed by God's love for me and for my family. He is so faithful, so tender and sweet, so powerful... so present in every moment.  Early this morning I was driving to the hospital and God spoke so clearly to my heart... this journey isn't about whether or not Adam is restored here... it's so much more... it's about seeing God face to face some day, and living each and every day for that moment.  Our focus for this journey shouldn't come be whether or not God will restore Adam to me, but instead the focus should be on the day that I will stand before God face to face and for that alone this journey will be worth it all.  All my pain, all my joy, it will be worth it all.  I thank God that He has already claimed victory, the battle is won... I pray that I will be able to walk obedient every step of the way in His steps that He has laid out before me so that I will one day get the honor to see His face... IT WILL BE WORTH IT ALL. 

The service tonight at Triangle Community Church was amazing... God's presence was powerful, it was seeping through everyone who came and everyone who was praying from wherever they were.  At one point during the service I heard God tell me "not one tear from this journey will be waisted, I have collected them in my hands and they will be used for my glory."  I then had this vision of God's hands catching my tears and using them to knit Adam's brain back together one neuron at a time... God is so creative, so amazing... I praise Him because He is all knowing, all powerful... He is in control.  Hallelujah!

My heart is over flowing tonight with praise and thanksgiving for how much God has done through Adam's recovery in the lives of others and how much He has done in healing Adam.  Not just for allowing me one more day with my man, but also for so many lives that have been touch and forever changed through this season.  To be honest, I would never choose this, but I wouldn't trade it for anything, God's love has been more tangible than ever before.  So many of you shared with me how your lives have changed and my prayer for each of you is that your lives are FOREVER changed.  It's time for a new beginning, it's time that you all know that God loves you just the same and He is pursuing you just like He is me... it's time to be bold with our faith, the message of salvation is too precious and important not to share with those around us.

Thank you to all those who made tonight special and sacrificed time to put this together, thank you to TCC, to Jimmy Stopper who did an amazing message of hope (thanks to Ken Erickson, I was able to share Jimmy's message with Adam), thanks to Lanier, Aaron and all the youth students who led worship tonight... it was amazing!  Thank you to pastor Doug, thank you to Ken High and Doug Hunt for taking pictures (once I get pictures I will share them),  thank you to those who ran sound and slides, thank you to those who set up and took down chairs, thank you to those of you who took the time to either write a letter or share with me personally how God has used our journey to strengthen your faith... your stories bring so much encouragement.  I am sure I may have left someone out... I didn't mean to, I am just so grateful and appreciative for all that has been done for our family... I am humbled beyond words.  God will repay what I cannot, only heaven knows my heart.

Tonight after the service I went back to the hospital and when I got to Adam's room he seemed irritated, I asked him if I could climb into bed with him and he looked at me with a look of approval.  So I climbed in and as soon as I was snuggling up to his chest (my head has always fit perfectly in a little pocket on his chest), he lifted his arm and put it around me.  I shared with him the events of the evening, and I read a couple of cards that were handed to me, then as I was laying there praying for him, I found tremendous peace and we fell asleep in each other's arms.  My man is amazing, he does an incredible job letting me know how much he loves me even if he can't quite form words yet.  I love my man.  I am so grateful for God allowing me a longer journey with my man!  To Him be the glory that I was able to cuddle with my man tonight!  There is so much to be thankful for!


Anonymous said...

Amy, I can feel the difference in your post. I am grateful for what Father has done for you. Thank you for the reminder that it's not if what we go through is changed, but how we stand before Father when we see Him. Blessings, Marion Hansen

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
You said:
God tell me "not one tear from this journey will be waisted, I have collected them in my hands and they will be used for my glory." I then had this vision of God's hands catching my tears and using them to knit Adam's brain back together one neuron at a time.

This is more powerful then a 5h sermon. I'm totally amazed by this picture. It shows God's heart. There is no word that describes God's heart, but there is this feeling deep in your own heart, you love God so much that it's almost a pain. You want to hug him, be with him and hug him again.. I think God's mind is so great that we cannot 'get' with our minds how wonderful he is, but he gave us a new heart and with that we can get closer to his heart, like 'heart to heart', I think he let us see his heart through our heart...

God is AMAZING and so lovely, it is so wonderful to have him :)
I pray for your family. Let me tell you this again, God is amazing, I noticed something, the more I pray for others, the less I pray for my family/myself (don't know why). However, God is working on my fam more then ever before, he takes care of us without asking. AMAZING. And the list goes on, the more I pray for others (and that would be Adam & your fam in particular) he shows me things I NEVER thought of and makes me sensitive to so many great thoughts he has about people/ things/'s mind blowing.
I really need to stop here, sorry about the long comment, you are so busy with packing and everything...

Be sure, God is with you, he is your friend and will help you to manage the move to Boston. He is already there, opening doors, preparing the medical stuff, placing some encourage parcels on your/Adams way... do not worry, he is not good at 'forgetting things.'

Big hug and greetings from Germany,

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