Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good To Go, Preparing For Lift Off

Adam was cleared today for discharge to Spaulding!!!!  God is so good!!!!

Adam's tests all came back looking good and the doctors here at UNC are all encouraged how well Adam is doing. Once we got Adam's CSF results back showing no infection we all (nurses, respiratory, speech, case mangers, doctors, and myself) are celebrating! This is so great because we are heading to Spaulding knowing full well that Adam is ready (neurologically speaking).  It's been great to be here at UNC for the send off since we have walked so much of our journey here, it just seems appropriate that we would get a farewell here.

We are currently waiting for Spaulding to respond back to UNC and let us know if we can still come today.  Not sure if it will be today or tomorrow, but we're headed that way!!!  I will keep you all posted.  Please pray that this will all come together for today.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Saying a prayer for safe travel and safe landing!
Diane in Washington

Anonymous said...

Amy!! Praise God!! He is good to bring you to this point. Father is so proud of your faith and He is rewarding it. I trust with you, for the continuing journey. Marion Hansen

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