Friday, October 22, 2010

God Will Supply Our Needs

There is so much uncertainty right now it seems overwhelming.  Where are we going to live, trying to figure out what to do for school for Mackenzie while I am trying to figure out our living situation, what's the next step and plan in Adam's recovery... just so much to think about and process and it's not easy.  I remember when I thought it was hard to decide what to make my family for dinner, or my single mom days... I thought those were tough, but all of this seems like too much.

Thankfully I have such dear sweet sisters and brothers in Christ who have been so obedient to God's pushing to text me, email, or comment on the blog at the right moment.  Yesterday it was no different, I was texted by someone, that God will supply all my needs, she went on to encourage me saying He doesn't promise to meet some of our needs, not many of our needs, but ALL our needs according His riches and glory.  I have been clinging to God's promises today as I have been processing all these decisions that have to be made.  I had to remind myself that God has already paved the way for this whole journey, not just to get us here at Spaulding but every step of every day, and I pray that I can obediently walk in His steps. 

Today I spent a good portion wrapped up in Adam's bed with him.  I just needed to be near him, laying my head on his chest and hearing his heart beat.  When I do this and close my eyes it's like nothing in our life has changed.  Being with him and near him is such an amazing feeling.  Adam shows me every day how much he loves me by the way he looks at me.  I was reminded today of a time early on in this journey when Adam didn't even open his eyes, and now not only does he open his eyes, but he is so very alert and aware of his surroundings.  Oh how I am praising the Lord tonight that Adam's eyes are open and how they express his love for me.

Each of the therapists commented today how alert Adam was, I find this interesting because Adam has been so much more alert since we have been at Spaulding.  In occupational therapy Adam sat on the edge of the gym table all by himself for over 2 minutes!  He has shown that he has so much head control.  His head used to fall every time he would sit up and now not only has he been holding his head it often to look around.  Adam used to have a difficult time tracking and following mid line to the right side and the last couple of days he has been able to go from left to right.  My man is incredibly amazing for how hard he works for us every day!  He's such a blessing.

Please pray specifically for speech for Adam, pray that he has the ability to understand language and speak, pray that he will begin speaking soon.  I feel as if he is close.  Also pray for the ability to process information.  Pray that area of Adam's brain is not damaged.  Please continue for a FULL recovery and for continued gains every day.  Pray for a miraculous healing.  I believe it can and will happen.  I believe in a Mighty God who is capable of all things and who is bigger than this brain injury.  I also believe in my man, I know he can do anything he can set his mind to.  I have seem him set his mind on recovering, because he fights hard every day.  I am so proud of him.  I am missing him terribly tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear specific details of his recovery. Praying as always...

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