Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Day At Spaulding

Adam's first day at Spaulding was BUSY.  I am exhausted, I can't even imagine how Adam must feel.  His day started with a 102.2 fever which created a ton of lab work to be done and xrays. Then when he returned from xrays, he got busy right away with therapies.  He started with occupational therapy with his therapist Becky.  Adam did awesome!  He squeezed her hand when he asked, he sat on the edge of the bed by himself, he responded to her every time she would ask him to do something!  Then it was speech therapy and his therapists Meridith and Brooke evaluated him through a whole series of tests.  Adam, again did great!  He followed and responded appropriate to sounds and stimulus.  Then he was able to rest for an hour before it was physical therapy with Chris (who was filling in for Erin, Adam's regular therapist).  Again he did great, he sat on the edge of the bed and held his head up the longest time yet, about 30 seconds!

My day consisted of meeting with doctors, every therapist, social worker, case manager, insurance case manager, and nurses to orientate them to Adam. It's important that the staff here know how amazing my man is, he is incredible.  Thankfully everyone who worked with Adam today talked to him like the man that he is, all of them believe in him and have high expectations and hopes for Adam.  Adam rose to the occasion of being challenged and it was awesome to see.  I am so sick of talking that it's a good thing I only have to type.  I am beat myself.  I just tucked Adam in and he is out, again I made another cozy bed for me in his room, I love being with him, near him, next to him... I love him.

Lord I pray for Adam, please God renew his strength, let him soar on wings like eagles, let him run and not grow weary in this journey, give him the ability to walk this road without being faint, spiritually, emotionally,  physically, and, mentally. (Isaiah 40:31)  We praise you for how far Adam has come, I thank you and praise you that Adam hasn't had a neurological storm in a couple months, I praise you that this new shunt is working properly.  Lord, I praise you for giving Adam the strength to fight every day to overcome this injury.  I praise you for being Jehovah-jireh our provider.  You are awesome, and mighty, You are amazing creator.  I praise you Lord, you are worthy of all my praise, honor, and all glory.  I love you Lord, Amen. 

PS: Blogspot image upload was down tonight so I was unable to upload a couple pictures from yesterday.  We will try again tomorrow. 


MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

You are an amazing wife and mom! I am in awe of your strength and love for Jesus and your family. I pray for you to continue to press on and find rest.

Karie Garner said...

So glad you made it to Boston and have made the transition so well. Your post tonight is beautiful and I'm praying for Adam's future in Boston. God is going to do great things there and YOU are going to touch many lives there with your testimony and your energy and enthusiasm. I'm praying for Mackenzie too. I know it's hard to leave her friends. Claire and I both will be praying for her.


**mArC** The Schifano Tribe said...

Hey there. My family and I are living a little north of Boston. What can we do to help? Follow the link on our name and email me. We would love to help you in this battle.

Anonymous said...

Amy, I rejoice with you in your arrival to Boston. I am blessed you have a friend so close. Give them the gift of receiving their offer to help. I trust with you that Adam will continue to heal and be the man God intended him to be. Your new friend, Marion Hansen

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