Friday, October 15, 2010

5 Months

5 months ago today was Adam's accident, it seems like eternity at the same time it feels like time has stood still.  When I first wrote about Adam's accident, I wrote "I recognize God as my comfort and my source of strength, He has carried me every step of the way through this and will continue to do so. I am trusting in Him completely, and where there is faith there is no fear."  God truly has been my source of comfort and strength and will continue to be so... I am trusting in Him every step of the way.  I love my man and I love how hard he works everyday to get better, he's amazing!!!

Please pray for Adam, he woke up this morning with a chest cold.  He seems more annoyed than in any discomfort.  The doctors wanted to make sure it was just a minor cold so they ordered a chest xray and blood cultures, the blood cultures came back normal and his chest xray showed negative for pneumonia, but the left lung had a hazy spot so they started antibiotics as precaution.  This should not interfere with the plans to transfer to Boston on Tuesday.  Adam still had a great day even though he wasn't feeling hundred percent.  He held his head up in physical therapy today and turned his head to the side and brought it back to the center again. 

It was so sweet, this afternoon I was holding Adam's hand and Mackenzie wanted to hold his hand so I took my hand out of his and I explained to him that Mackenzie wanted to hold his hand and he reached for Mackenzie's hand and held it.  It was so sweet, and Mackenzie was on cloud nine so happy that her dad held her hand.  I love my family.

The "goodbye for now's" have began and it has been very difficult.  Thankfully God is constant, he will never leave and has promised to go ahead and direct our path...  Psalm 119:133 "Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me."

Thank you for continuing to pray for my family, what a blessing it has been to have so many of you partnering with us in prayer.  Please pray for Adam's health, pray that this chest cold will heal miraculously overnight.  Please pray for all our immune systems to be strengthened.  I am praying and trusting... thank you for doing the same.

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