Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trusting In God's Good Plans

Mackenzie wasn't in the picture because she was the photographer!

Today I am so grateful for friends! We are so blessed with such awesome friends (even ones we haven't yet met), thank you all so much for all you have done. Your care packages, letters and encouraging words are so sweet, I cannot describe what they do for my soul. God has used each one of you to whisper something in my ear, thank you all so much.

Adam's best friend Scott came to visit today. It was Scott's first time seeing Adam since his accident because Scott has been in Iraq since April. Prior to Scott leaving, he, his wife Stacy, Adam, Mackenzie and I spent so much time together we were like one big happy family. It felt so good to have Scott and Stacy with us today, it was as close to normal as this situation could feel. When they left this evening both Mackenzie and I reflected on the fact that we weren't ready for them to go... there was something so comforting with the 5 of us in one room.

Mackenzie and I spent the day with Adam at his bedside. This morning we worked together to get Adam fresh for the day and the afternoon/evening, we "fought" over who was going to cuddle in bed next to Adam. Spending our family time together is the best part of the whole week. I love when the 3 of us are in the room hanging out, Mackenzie and I take turns reading to Adam, listening to music, watching Mackenzie preform for us, and taking naps together. It's been so neat to learn our new normal quality family time.

There has been so many moments lately that I have reflected on the incredible man that my husband is. He has always been so great at letting me know that he loves me, and I hope I am able to give him nothing less then the security he has given me in knowing his love for me. He deserves every ounce of honor and respect I have. I am so lucky to be Adam's wife, not a day goes by where I haven't told him how blessed I am to be his wife. I love my man, and I appreciate my man... and right now, I am missing my man.

There have been moments this week where I stop and think and can't believe how normal my life was 4 months ago and now we are all adjusting to a "new normal". One promise I am holding onto is God's promise to work all things together for good according to His purpose. He's not making the best of a bad situation that was out of His control, because every day of our lives (Adam's, mine and yours too) has been ordained by God since before the foundation of the world. Psalm 139:16 " All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be". My devotion today said "God doesn't just sit back as a passive observer and allow circumstances or Satan to hurt us, only to step in afterwards and say optimistically 'I can make this into something good!' He has a purpose and design in what is happening to us from the beginning, and even though what is happening to us might not good, God intends it all for our ultimate good." I am believing, trusting, and hoping that Adam's injury will be worked for God's good and that Adam will testify of God's goodness through it all. Lord, please continue to give us the hope, and faith for this journey. We are trusting in Your promises. Continue to guide us in your footprints. Refine us, prune us, and make us more like you with every passing hour. You are all we need. We love you. Amen


Kathleen said...

I LOVE the picture of all three of you having some good family special! Love you!

courtnie said...
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