Friday, September 17, 2010

Praying for Adam's miracle

Right now I am sitting next to Adam's bed in a chair that is facing him, next to him is Mackenzie who 2 hours ago climbed up and positioned his arms to wrap around her. They are both sound asleep and it is so precious to be sitting here seeing their love for each other. How can I ever thank God enough for giving me these two amazing gifts. I look at both my gifts that God has given me and entrusted me with and I can only think how lucky and blessed I am. I love them both so much more than I will ever be able to communicate in words on a blog. My heart is so full.

Below is the picture I promised from last night's blog. Total to date is 97 postcards, keep em coming. If you are wondering what's the deal with the postcards click here to see.

Adam is adjusting back to a busy schedule. This morning as soon as I got there, I shaved him, bathed him, dressed him, and got him ready for his day (this is always my favorite time of the day because it's just the 2 of us, so I get to talk with him, pray with him and just be with him). Next he had speech therapy which he was pretty tired since I just got done jostling him around. Then physical therapy and occupational therapy came in and had their turn with Adam. They took Adam to their gym where they stretched him and Adam let them know he wasn't so sure about their stretches (he had his valve on and was making a lot of moans).

Finally Adam was allowed a little break and I was allowed to take him outside for an hour!!! Just in time our friends Mark and Mary came and were able to join us outside for a few moments. This has been Adam's first time outside in at least 2 months. It was so great.

This afternoon when Dierdre (speech) was working with Adam she did try chocolate pudding... I was so excited to see something yummy go into Adam's mouth. Adam was unable at this time to move it around and he didn't swallow it on his own. I am believing that his day is coming when he will surprise us all and swallow intentionally.

Mondays at WakeMed are always the day that I get Adam's progress notes and usually I hear the upcoming plans for Adam's journey to recovery. Today the physical therapist and occupational therapist told me they were only going to recommend to Dr. Eg that we stay in the unit for 3 weeks... then they are suggesting skilled nursing facility. (They thought it would be best to tell me what they were going to recommend to Dr.Eg, so that on Monday I won't feel like it came out of left field... so today I got to that way) They went on to explain that Adam is considered total dependant care and to get him to the next level which is max. assistance care he would have to participate 25%... they said right now they don't see him being able to do that any time soon. So basically they are saying Adam has 3 weeks to show progress. When he begins to show progress they will extend the time frame.

I have to believe and trust in God, He knows the darkness of this situation, He knows our pain... He knew this conversation was coming... He has plans, He so graciously and gently whispered "My child, it's My timing... not yours". He reminded me of what He led me to yesterday Deuteronomy 1:30 "The Lord your God, who is going before you, will fight for you". He is fighting for Adam, this is His battle, my battle is to trust in Him. All I have to do is trust.

I am boldly asking each one of you who read this to approach the throne of grace with boldness and confidence on Adam's behalf join me in asking God to listen to the cries of our hearts, we are screaming for Adam's FULL recovery. I am trusting in Him, I ask you to trust in Him too. Stand with me proclaiming and declaring Adam's FULL recovery. We need to see productive, purposeful movements, intentional swallowing, we need to see Adam begin to participate. I ask you to pray for Adam, he is becoming more aware and alert and I am seeing discouragement and sadness (I am rejoicing that I am seeing emotions), please pray that he doesn't give up, pray that he uses God's strength that He offers each of us and us it to help him be purposeful. WE NEED PRAYERS NOW MORE THAN EVER. ADAM NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS. Matthew 19:26 "But Jesus looked at them and said to them, 'With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'"


Rachel said...

We will never cease to pray my dear friend - with God ALL things are possible.- After all you can never forget your Roots =)

Temarie said...

Know that you have many, many prayer warriors for Adam, you, and Mackenzie! James and I will be on our knees! God is the ultimate physician and is so much bigger and sovereign than any doctor or person can ever imagine. God is your Rock, your stronghold,your fortress, and ever present help in time of need.

Molly said...

Praying for Adam.

kyla_ruck said...

We have been praying for a miracle every night with Julianna. If for some reason we forget during our prayers in the evening Julianna ALWAYS reminds us to pray for Adam. You are continually in our prayers! Thank you for the updates.

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