Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Man Is Incredible and Exhausted

Psalm 19:14 “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.”

The little bit that I did get to be with Adam today I wanted my time with him to be encouraging and restful. I was praying this morning that I would be able to know Adam's needs and that I would be a blessing to him today. Normally when I am bathing Adam in the mornings we listen to music, but this morning (early afternoon by the time I was able to get to it) I didn't feel like Adam needed music. He needed some peaceful, restful, quiet time. Adam fell asleep while I bathed him, so this was exactly what he needed. He is so faithful to answer my prayers and guide me to exactly what Adam's needs are. I spent some time praying for Adam today and God gave me some really awesome words to speak to Adam to encourage him... this was so incredibly special. I love God's love for us.

Adam (Mackenzie and I too) has had a busy few days with a lot of family in from out of town, he is exhausted tonight... I am so glad he had a few minutes this afternoon to rest. He was very alert today and had a great day, which allowed me to work with Adam and ice chips. Several times today I grabbed ice chips and he chewed the ice and swallowed, most of the time he swallowed without delay!!! This is so great!!! Thank you all for praying for my man, God hears you!!! This afternoon the nurse and I changed Adam's bed into a chair position and allowed Adam to sit for awhile... I stepped out of the room for to allow other family a turn and when I went back in Adam had dropped his head... I was trying to help him move his head to a more normal and comfortable position and Adam held his head up by himself for quite some time!!! It was so awesome! I love that God gave me so many opportunities today to encourage and praise my man for how incredibly hard he is working. I love being my husband's encourager. Between him holding his head and ice chips I was so elated I was moved to tears... I am so proud of my man, he is incredible.

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Katie said...

Amazing to hear that God is doing wonderful things in your man's body and spirit! Slow and meaningful....he is moving forward!
Note from me who has been there...limit the pillows behind his head while in bed!! Tone doesn't help with this...pillows are comfy for them but we are paying the consequences now and doing botox injections!
continuing to pray for you all!

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