Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lots To Rejoice In And Lots To Pray For

I am still rejoicing in Adam's good day yesterday... Yesterday and today Adam was visited by a service dog named Kiki.  Kiki and her owner Samantha have started visiting Adam daily.  Yesterday Adam pet Kiki and he kept his eyes on her the whole time.  He has responded so positively to Kiki each time!  Yesterday Amelia, Adam's nurse was trying to get Adam to say thank you to Kiki and Samantha and he was trying so hard, he stuck his tongue out twice as if he was trying to say thank you!  This is huge because Dierdre (speech therapy) has been working with Adam for a week and half to try to stick his tongue out and now he did!  I am so proud of him!  It's only a matter of time before he starts to speak again!  Go Adam!

Yesterday the doctor downsized Adam's trach and capped his trach which means Adam is doing all the work on his own.  No oxygen needed and he is doing all the breathing on his own, this is awesome!  The doctor is getting ready to take out his trach.  He has been capped now for almost 48 hours, he's doing awesome!  Go Adam!

Today Adam spiked a fever, please pray against sickness.  He has been showing signs of discomfort and pain.  So far all his labs have come back negative, which is great.  Please pray for him.  Pray specifically for his muscle tone.  The doctor cut his muscle tone medication in half and while it's making Adam much more alert and aware, it's also making his tone worse.  Please pray for his tone to get better so that he doesn't have to go back on more tone medication.  He has been responding so much more since they have decreased it.

Psalm 27:14 (ESV) "Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!"  I am having to choose moment by moment to wait on the Lord... He has Adam in His hands and only He knows what direction He will be taking us.  Please continue to pray for our insurance to approve the program that Adam got accepted into.  God is so faithful at providing so much peace when all seems crazy.  Tonight I am am relishing in His peace. 

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Rachel said...

Even insurance componies are not out of the Lords reach = ) Praying for all the right doors to open.

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