Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Importance Of Staying In The Moment

Tonight I am most grateful that in the midst of crisis, or my valley of darkness that I have the promises of His presence. We are called to rejoice and give thanks in our trials and this is truly only possible by His grace and the fact that we are promised and given His presence. Tonight I am forever grateful to be surrounded by God's presence. Hebrews 13: 5 & 6 "because God has said, 'Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.' So we say with confidence, 'The Lord is my helper'"

Throughout this journey I have talked about the importance of staying in the moment. (Most often it's because I cannot think beyond this moment) When I think back to what my life was like before the accident i get caught up in deep sorrow and a tremendous amount of pain and if I think about the future and the uncertainty of it I am overwhelmed with fear and worry... but when I stay in this moment, I have peace and comfort. Being able to stay in the moment is vital to trusting that God will supply all our needs for this moment. If I come to Him as I am, broken, hurting, sorrowful, guilty... He meets me with His grace exactly where I am. He promises just enough grace for this moment, not for the night, not for tomorrow, not for next week... but just enough grace for this very moment. This moment is all I have been given and He promises to meet all my needs and my needs for this moment is His grace... His grace is all I need.

Adam was suppose to be moved out of the ICU today and as the nurse was calling report to the nurse on the floor he was suppose to move to... Adam had a large seizure (which means we stayed in the ICU). Instantly Adam's room filled with nurses and doctors to help resolve the problem, and as I stood there I felt completely helpless and lifeless... thankfully the nurses guided me and I was able to help until all the doctors got there and were able to take over. Once the took over I stepped into the hall to watch everything and to have a good hard cry at how scary that moment was. Within minutes Adam was rushed for a CT scan. This happened so quickly I didn't have time to process how I went from reading at his bedside to pacing the halls of the CT scan area. Thankfully by God's grace, Adam's CT scan didn't show anything out of the ordinary, this is such a wonderful praise. He didn't have any more seizures the rest of the day, praise the Lord.

The doctors assured me that this is all so common with the injury that Adam has suffered, and the doctors do not seemed concerned, I was told this was normal... what about this is normal? Normal is what my life looked like several months ago... this is not normal, then I had to pull myself back into this moment and realize once again the importance of staying in the moment. And in this moment, with Adam's injury seizures are common. He is now on an antiseizure medication to help prevent this from happening again.

Please continue to pray for Adam's progress and recovery, please pray againist any more seizures, please pray for his breathing pattern to return to normal (he developed an irregular breathing pattern, and again this is real common with the extent of Adam's injury and the trauma from all the surgeries he has endured), please pray for strength and perseverence for Adam. Please pray for his pain to subside. Please continue to pray for all those who are invovled in his care, that they will forever be changed.

I am so thankful and in complete awe of the obiedience you all have to the leading of the Holy Spirit... so many of you have done so much for me and my family... thank you. Someone sent this poem to me and I want to share it, because tonight this is where I am...

God Has the Answers

Although you're tired and weary
Just rest the whole night through
As God give us the mornings
To see all things anew

For things look so much brighter
When they're slept on a while
You wake up in the morning
And soon you want to smile

You loook and see the sunshine
the bright blue sky above
You wonder why you fretted
And you know God is love

With all this to surround you
There's naught but this to say
And so with song you praise Him
Give thanks for this new day

Yes God has all the answers
To problems big and small
We only have to tell him
He's at our beck and call

So we must tak our burdens
And lay them at his feet
Then trust unto Him His wisdom
That's all our needs He'll meet

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Kathleen said...

When Cale and I called, I wasn't even sure if you were still in ICU! I thought you were, but wasn't sure. I just wanted you to hear Cale's voice, and let the hope in you continue to grow! I pray that it did!

As I was praying with Cale tonight, the words "Lord, help me stay in the moment" came out...reminded me of your post. My heart needed to hear what was on your heart! Thank you for sharing it! I miss you guys so much and miss our talks.
Love you!

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