Thursday, September 16, 2010

God Is Going Before Us

Your sweet comments from last night's post was so encouraging to both Mackenzie and I. I read them to her this evening, and we both were touched by the kind words, thank you.

Today was a busy day for all of us. Adam had a great day. He's seems to be tolerating his boots much better this time around. Some day I will have to put the boots on my feet and share a visual of how awful these boots really are. With his Passy Muir valve on, he was very vocal today. I love hearing his voice. Diedre (Speech therapist) tried 3 bites of applesauce with Adam today, he swallowed, but with almost a minute delay. I asked if we could try pudding because Adam doesn't really like applesauce. He doesn't like the texture, so if we tried something he likes maybe he won't delay as much in his swallowing. So please, please continue to pray for Adam's swallowing reflex to be without delay. Once he starts swallowing without delay he can move onto to milkshakes, real food! Dierdre wrote the order for me to be able to do ice chips with Adam... so hopefully with more practice he will swallow more consistently. Adam received pet therapy today, so a dog came to visit Adam. I reached Adam's hand to pet the dog and I could tell Adam enjoyed it. Overall a very productive day for Adam.

Mackenzie and I waisted no time, after picking her up from school today we started decorating Adam's walls and filling them with pictures, encouraging signs, and of course a Halo poster. Mackenzie rehung all the postcards and tomorrow I will post an updated view of the postcard wall! It has been so great to receive all your postcards. We have received so many postcards from wonderful people we haven't even had the privilege to meet yet, thank you all so much for your encouraging words. Keep em coming... just a reminder, I asked for postcards from the city you live in or the city where you have prayed for Adam's recovery. The visual of all the postcards serves as a reminder that we are not alone in walking this journey, your words encourage Adam, and it serves as a testimony to the nurses how many people are praying for my man. It's been such a great conversational piece.

I am continuing to praise God for how far Adam has come on this journey, I laid in bed with Adam today telling him how proud I am of him for how hard he has fought and continues every day to fight. All the nurses and Dr.Eg have noticed how much more alert Adam is, he's becoming a lot more aware of his surroundings... we are praying that healing with continue to leap ahead, we are believing in God's healing hands and we are believing in Adam's full recovery. I am trusting in God as I step blindly each day in faith on this journey... I know He is going before us. I tell Adam when he's tired and discouraged, that God is going before him and He is fighting for him... Deuteronomy 1:30 "The LORD your God, who is going before you, will fight for you, as he did for you".

Thank you Jesus, that you go before us paving the way and fighting for us because you love us. Lord, Adam and I invite you to continue to walk this journey before us, paving our way. Make us obedient to walk in the way that you are calling us to walk in. I thank you that when I have stepped off the path marked out for me that you so graciously bring me back into your loving arms. I praise you for your faithfulness and for your promise to never leave us. It's in your holy and precious name I pray... Amen!


Anonymous said...

your faith and love for God and your man are so wonderful, like a gentle healing creme on my soul.
thank you for doing this blog and sharing adams health issues so that we can pray for him/your family.
adam will be alright, there are so many people who ask God to put him back on his feet... don't worry, God has no interest to let a young man lay around in bed when so many things need to be done.


Anonymous said...

Amy I am so proud of you, Adam, and Mackenzie! God is continuing His miracles everyday. It's you that has the honor of sharing them with all who are holding your family in prayer. Each new day is a real blessing. I love you lots.


Anonymous said...

The post cards have been a great way to not only show that people around the world are praying for all of you, but also to share the love of Christ. I mail each card from the front desk of the hotels where I am staying as I travel around the US. As a result, it has opened up many opportunities to discuss Adam's journey, the many miracles we have all witnessed, and the everlasting life that is available to those who ask for forgiveness of their sins and for Jesus to be in their hearts. Adam is indirectly spreading the gospel around the world through the small effort of our sending a simple post card! We love you all lots !!

Bill & Bev - and our 4 boys..

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