Sunday, September 12, 2010

Direction Of Faith

Today has been a day similar to yesterday... The 3 of us spent the day together cuddled up and hanging out together. It's amazing how in such a small room, with little amenities, I have everything I want. I have the man I love who adores and cherishes me, I have the sweetest most amazing kiddo, and we have so much love between all of us. It really makes me think how much more can I simplify our lives, we don't need all that we have... we just need to let God remain in the center of our relationships and we need each other... that's it, that's all we need.

Adam had a CT today because I brought up my concerns to the doctors. I feel like Adam isn't doing as well as he has in the past after surgery and I have been concerned because he has been responding or following commands since his seizure. The CT results won't be read till tomorrow, but the preliminary results must have looked okay because I haven't heard from the doctors, so one thing I have learned... no news is usually good news.

I was struggling today asking God to give me more faith, and this is what was given to me... You don’t need bigger faith, stronger faith, new and improved faith... It’s not the amount of the faith that’s important, but it is whether or not I have faith and how faith is being directed and applied, that matters in seeing significant things happen. Luke 17:5&6 "He replied, 'If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it will obey you.'" I have faith. I have faith that God is in control of every moment of this journey, that God has control over Adam's brain, his recovery, and his journey. I have faith. Pray for our faith, pray for Adam, Mackenzie, and I we need prayers for our faith.

I have found myself in constant prayer over Adam all day today, several times I climbed right next to him and just laid there unable to stop praying for his FULL recovery. Please stand with me praying for Adam's recovery. Pray that Adam would recover from this last surgery, pray that he will leap forward, pray for his strength and endurance to run this marathon, pray for his alertness and awareness, pray for his swallowing reflex, pray for his foot drop, pray for healing in his brain specifically for neurons, and axons to recover from the injury. Pray for a miraculous healing, one that can only be described as God knitting Adam's brain back together one neuron at a time.


Debbie said...

Dear God-
Amy is heavy on my heart today. Please Lord, surround her with your love and grace. Let her feel your presence intensely right now. I know that you have done this all along this journey. I am asking that you open her eyes, as never before, to really see your love and open her heart to receive your love. Breathe life into all 3 of them Lord. Shower them with your amazing grace. Help all of us to let go of our "worldly dreams" and live for you- obediently and persistently. Trusting in your plan. On fire for you! Thank you Jesus. Amen.

Mary Strynar said...

Dear Lord, I stand with Debbie praying this prayer over Amy today. In Jesus' name, Mary

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