Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!"  Philippians 4:4  I am rejoicing, God is so amazing and so faithful, I am praising Him for all He has done for us.

It is with complete joy and excitement that I get to write to you all letting you know your prayers are so powerful!!!!  Insurance accepted the emerging consciousness program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital which is ranked 4th in the nation for rehabilitation hospitals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's affiliated with Harvard University, so my man got into Harvard!!!!  We don't have our exact move date yet, insurance is pushing for Thursday but I am trying to push for at least a week to get things in order.  Lots to get done... and I am working on a "To-Do" and trying to find a starting point.

Adam's move date will depend on his infection he is fighting.  His abdominal CT showed no abscess which means no ecoli, so we spent today awaiting to see if his bacteria found in his blood matched the bacteria in his urine.  Which it didn't.  So now the search is on to try to find the source of the infection, the doctor ordered the PICC line to be removed to see if that is the source of infection.  If it's not then Adam will most likely go back to UNC to have his neurosurgeon tap his shunt to see if his cerebral spinal fluid is the source... this would mean the shunt would have to be removed and we would have to wait out the infection before a new one could be placed back in.  Please pray that the infection clears and goes away miraculously.  We are continuing to trust God's hand in all of this and we know and rest in the fact that He and only He sees the whole picture.  Please pray for healing.

Tonight we were really blessed, Adam belongs to a men's bible study that meets on Tuesday nights and with it being Tuesday they all showed up to the hospital (with a couple of their wives) to visit Adam.  Together, with all these men, and Adam's parents (who are in town visiting) we prayed over Adam and for his recovery and healing.  It was such a special moment.  At one point in time in prayer Adam started to vocalize as if he were praying too, after we were done he was wide awake and looking at everyone.  It was so great and I truly believe he knew exactly what was going on... he is doing so great and is so amazing!  Thank you Tuesday night men and wives!  We are so blessed to have such awesome and great friends! 

I am so proud of my man!  He is working so hard every day and every day he is getting better!  I respect Adam so much for how hard he works to get better... He's amazing!  I am so blessed that I can be the one to cheer him on.  Being Adam's wife has made me a better person, I love that man! 


Rachel said...

So excited for the next chapter to start for you all!

Anonymous said...

Start delegating your list to us (small group). We are here to help. I am so happy for you!

Lisa C

Anonymous said...

I am sure the ladies Bible study group would love to help as well. Let us know!


Anonymous said...

I shared your awesome news with the unit. We are all so excited for you guys! If anyone can do this... it is Adam! Prayers continue.


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