Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Heart Surrendered

Being able to attend church is such a privilege and a blessing... but to be able to go back to the church my family calls home is so wonderful, it's home... and family. Today I made it back to church and God met me right where I was... from the worship to the message, God is so good. When I returned from church I read Adam the passage that we studied Acts 16:16-40 and told him all about the message which was on suffering for Christ, it was a great message.

We sang "The Stand" and all day I have thought about, meditated, and sang over and over the last part of the song...

So what can I say
What can I do
But offer this heart O God
Completely to You

So I'll stand
With arms high and heart abandoned
In awe of the One who gave it all

So I'll stand
My soul Lord to You surrendered
All I am is Yours

God my heart is yours, have your way in me. Lord, we trust you with our circumstances and know you have plans that are good. God, I thank you for choosing Adam and I to be your vessels, use us Lord. I am in awe of you and we ask God that you continue to transform my heart, mind, and life daily. Conform me to your ways, make me more like you. Lord, I surrender! I surrender my thoughts, my ways, my plans, my aspirations. I surrender everything, Lord, into your hands. Show me your ways and lead me on your path. Amen.

Normally Adam doesn't have any therapy on the weekend, but since Dierdre (speech therapist) is having to go out of town unexpectedly, she came in today. So Adam had 2 sessions with her. First one he was pretty sleepy, but the second... she was putting different scents under Adam's nose for him to smell to get some kind of reaction. I brought in several of our favorite sauces (mainly hot sauces) and today he was noticeably smelling!!! His breathing patterned changed when he was smelling the hot sauce and when she took it away his breathing returned to normal... it was so great!!! She did this several times and was able to get the same reaction every time!

This is the hot sauce that we use on everything and this is the one that Adam was smelling!

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It was wonderful to see you in church Sunday!!


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