Friday, August 27, 2010

His Presence

Part 4 of "Our Story" will continue tomorrow. Tonight is going to be a quick update.

I am in love with my Savior, today I have been so blessed to be overwhelmed with His presence. My heart has been full of worship. Adam and I spent most of the day with worship music playing in his room on and off throughout the day. He tolerates about 20 minutes of music at a time. One song that really spoke to me today was Everything Falls by FEE. Please take the time to listen to the song posted below. Here is a sample of the lyrics "When everything falls apart, Your arms hold me together. When everything falls apart You’re the only hope for this heart. When everything falls apart and my strength is gone, I find You mighty and strong. You keep holding on, You keep holding on." God is our hope, He is the source of our hope, He is holding us every moment of this journey.

Today Adam kept me busy, while I was stretching him and doing his range of motion exercises with him I am pretty sure I got more of a workout then he did. He may have lost 60 pounds, but he’s still a big guy. Adam was cleared by the speech therapist to where the Passy Muir valve again (this is what fits over his trach and allows him to have a voice) and while I was stretching him today I put the valve on and he had a lot to say regarding me stretching him. I haven’t heard Adam’s voice in almost 2 weeks, so it was so good to hear.

I truly believe Adam is becoming more and more aware; he has had so many more facial expressions in the last couple of weeks. Not usually happy ones, but he definitely shows when he’s sad, in pain, or not happy. While I am rejoicing in seeing facial expressions, it breaks my heart to see when he’s sad and upset… he honestly looks like he’s trying to cry. Please pray for him as he becomes more aware.

Tomorrow I will continue with part 4 of “Our Story”, but tonight I am exhausted and need to get so much needed sleep. Exodus 33:14 "My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest."

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How interesting, I heard that song today and immediately thought of you and Adam, so when I saw your post tonight I had to leave a message. I pray daily for you, Adam and McKenzie and the entire Root family. Thank you for your beautiful and honest words. You are touching my life in ways you will never know. Kelsi

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