Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Believing, Trusting, and Resting In Him

Thank you so much, it means so much to know ya'll are praying for us... Adam only stormed twice today! This is a great improvement from yesterday. I think Adam spent most of the day recovering from yesterday; he was not really responsive today. He rested for most of the day which is exactly what he needed to do. Adam slept through his speech therapy this morning and when physical therapy and occupational therapy came into work with him he let them know he was uncomfortable, but then got real sleepy towards the end. He did not have any therapies this afternoon since his storm he had this afternoon was pretty intense. Tonight he is not just resting, but sleeping soundly! I am praying he gets a really good night sleep. We are hoping that tomorrow he will be well rested and ready to continue on this journey.

Today I was praying for Adam and asking God to allow his rest and sleep today to bring healing to his brain. I am trusting God completely that he has a plan to work all this out for his good. With every passing day I am believing in Him more and more and trusting more and more. I was reading to Adam a devotion and this is what it said "Growing in the ability to trust God and to walk in faith is a lifetime journey; it does not happen quickly. As we grow spiritually, we have to remind ourselves over and over again: cast your care on God; be anxious for nothing: trust Him in every situation. As we are diligent to do these things, we find ourselves resting in the Lord more and more, and that is where we find peace, clarity, wisdom, and the strength to face each day." I loved this and it's such a great reminder to trust and believe Him. I have said this before... not just believe in Him, but believe Him. I believe with assurance that He knows the depths of my soul, that He knows my circumstances and I am believing His promise to work this for His good. I am believing in his promise of hope and a future. I am trusting Him tonight for rest, comfort, and strength. I love my sweet Lord, He truly is all I need.

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