Monday, July 5, 2010

Too Much

Please pray for Adam tonight, he has been having neurological storms for most of the day and tonight he had a really bad one. Please pray for comfort over his body. Because his body was under so much stress with the storms he was very exhausted and overstimulated today so there was not much response from him.

I have several other prayer requests... a very close friend of my sister's unexpectedly passed away and she just found out this morning. This was very sudden and has hit her very hard. Please pray for her and her friend's family.

Also, my father in law's is a veterinarian and has another vet that works for him, her name is April. April was kicked in the head today by a horse and is undergoing surgery for a broken jaw. Please pray for her and her husband as they are going through this traumatic event.

Psalms 119:28 "My soul is weary with sorrow: strengthen me according to your word." My heart is dry but I'm still singing, so let your rain pour over our souls and fill us with your presence.


Gretchen said...

We will keep praying without ceasing and add April and your sister friend to the list.

Carlee said...

I'm sorry Amy? Are there any explanations for why he was experiencing these storms? Praying for you guys always! God is with you always, he will never take his eyes off you. Take comfort in reminding yourself that God is in TOTAL control and his hand is very much in the mix of this situation. Adam is safe tonight because God has a tight grip on him and you girls! Keep your head up friend. He is with you!

Kathy Spade said...

Amy, I prayed this morning for your rain shower and flowers to follow.
Love, Kathy

Anonymous said...

Thank you Amy for sharing these requests. Already they have reached the masses who continue to pray on our family's behalf. God please hold us and the Root family in the palm of your mighty hand and please provide your comfort.
Love, Mom

Hillary said...

Praying, praying! Thank you for sharing the additional requests.

pashastub said...

Praying for ALL of you!!

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