Friday, July 9, 2010

Goodbye UNC, Hello WakeMed

I have been so exhausted the last 3 days because I have not been able to get a restful sleep. I have been relying heavily on God to give me the strength to make it through each hour of the day. This has been my prayer today Psalms 119:28 “My soul is weary with sorrow: strengthen me according to your word.”

Dear God, thank you for my strength today, I am exhausted from so many emotions. When I am incapable of the smallest task, you have given me Your strength in abundance. You have given comfort to my weary soul and in my times of sorrow today, you have shown me that you care so much about me. You have shown me how much you take care of every need and all the details. I love you. I thank you so much for Your word, how I love to get lost in Your sweet words. Continue to take me away with You, each day I open Your word… take me away. I ask for a fresh pour from Your living word. Thank you for speaking to me, thank you for drawing me into your loving arms today. You are amazing. It’s in Your powerful name I pray… Amen.

Wow, what a busy day today… Adam was moved from UNC Neuroscience Hospital this morning to WakeMed Neuro Care Hopsital. It was so hard to say goodbye to so many awesome staff members at UNC, so many of them have forever left a hand print on our lives. To all the awesome nurses, therapists, doctors, and the greatest social worker ever and the Starbucks crew at UNC… thanks for all you guys have done you are all amazing and have done such a wonderful job taking care of my man. You have all touched my heart in a way that I know I am forever changed. The transition went smoothly, but exhausting for Adam. He is so exhausted not only from the journey, but once he got over the WakeMed this afternoon we was seen by all three of the therapist (Physical, Occupational, and Speech), the PA (Physicians Assistant), the dietitian, and the doctor… each of them having their own set of assessments and exams… and that’s not to count the nurses just doing his normal care… so it’s been a busy day for him.

I think just watching Adam made me physically exhausted. It's truly like we are one body, I feel him and know him in a new way now, when he's feeling something I can usually tell what it is or know exactly what it is without any verbal and very little physical communication. While I love knowing my husband so well, I miss him terribly. Oh how I long to hear his voice, I can't wait till the day when he holds me and kisses me back. I miss him. It's days like today when missing him hurts so much, that I am so grateful that every moment we have shared has not been taken for granted... both before the accident and after. While I miss him, I am so glad God chose to spare him. I love my man and I am so proud of him.

Please continue to pray specifically for the fluid build up on the left side of Adam’s brain, the doctor at WakeMed said they will be doing another CT to check on it next week, please pray that it will show no fluid. Thank you all so much for praying for Adam and our family… your prayers do make a difference, not give up praying.

Pictures from our time at UNC and our goodbyes... I was sad that I was not able to get pictures of all the special people that have made this journey easier, but here a few special pictures...

Starbucks is located inside the hospital and every time we would step into Starbucks it was like we left the hospital for a bit... we spent the countless hours of waiting out many of Adam's surgeries in Starbucks.

This is Dee Adam's physical therapist, we love Dee!

This is Adam's awesome Speech Therapist, Terra

This is sweet Bunnie, she was one of Adam's Respiratory Therapists

This is Jen, she is the rock star social worker who has been amazing to get so much done for us so quickly, she is truly a rock star in my book!

This is Renee, she is one of the NA's on the floor Adam got moved to in the Neuroscience Hospital at UNC

This is Crystal she has been Adam's nurse the last couple of days, she is so sweet, thank you Crystal for all you've done.

This was part of the UNC crew that had to say goodbye to Adam and hug us on our way out of UNC

The welcome mat at WakeMed to greet us once we arrived. I was able to ride in the ambulance with Adam.
This was not the only thing to greet us when we arrived, Kathleen was there too and she and Cale made a welcome back sign for Adam's room and gave me a couple really special gifts. It has been weeks since we have seen eachother and it was so good to see her. Go check out her blog, she and Cale are moving to a Rehab hospital in California this coming week... such exciting news.
A new chapter of this journey began today when we arrived back to WakeMed, can't wait to see what God has in store for us.

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