Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fever, Chiggers, and God's Plan

I am writing to you tonight asking you all once again to pray for Adam. He has spiked a pretty high fever today and so with that a whole bunch of tests have been ordered. He has had a full blood work up, lab draws, chest xrays and more, please pray that the source of infection can be found and treated quickly.

Since we changed hospitals the doctors here decided to change Adam's medications as well. The doctors put him on 2 more medications one for muscle spasms and one for his neurological storms. The one for his muscle spasms is making him so drowsy and lethargic (I am sure the fever and infection are playing apart of it too). So tonight I pray that he can continue to rest and sleep well so that his body will fight off this infection and he can continue to heal. I continue to place Adam in God's hands and trust Him that He has Adam and He has plans to restore his health.

Jeremiah 30:17 "'But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds.' Declares the Lord."

Please pray for my mom too... my mom has been out here visiting and was bitten by chigger bugs a couple of nights ago and after spending hours at the urgent care clinic today she was given a prescription medication and it still hasn't helped. Please pray for her, she is in so much pain and there is nothing that seems to sooth it.

Once again I sit here by Adam's beside pondering the question... "What would I do without my hope in Jesus?" What do people do without letting God be in control and trusting that He has a plan? I count it a privilege that God chose to give me everlasting life through His son's blood, so that I can sit here and hold onto His promises. He is in control and He will continue to reign in our home and in our lives forever and ever... because He has great plans for us. I am so amazed by God's timing of everything... I am so blessed to know my husband's faith, and how much he loves his Savior, his Healer, his All in All. It makes sitting here next to him peaceful and wonderful knowing I am not having to question where he is in his faith journey... I have been blessed enough to walk so much of it with him. Having had this security in our marriage is a gift in and of itself... Adam is an amazing spiritual leader of our home and he has done a tremendous job trusting God and fulfilling his role as a Godly man and Godly father. This has been and will be the greatest gift he could ever give me. I love my man.

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