Thursday, June 17, 2010

Storms and Thankfulness

Adam's verse of the day Proverbs 18:10 "The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are safe" So grateful that the Lord is there to be Adam's strength in his time of weakness.

I think Adam has had his fair share of surgeries... and yet more are on the way. Last night after the doctors unclamped his shunt, they expected to see a fair amount of fluid drain and that was not the case. So this morning the doctors decided that Adam needed to have an External Ventricular Drain (EVD). He had one placed in his right side of his brain the last time we were in ICU, but when they put in the VP Shunt the doctors thought there would be no reason for an EVD. As long as the EVD is in, this keeps us in ICU. Today the reopened Adam's left side of his brain where he has no skull and carefully had to place the EVD. This was tricky because there was a membrane that has built up around the fluid collection on the left side, so the procedure took quite a bit longer than they expected. Everything went well and Adam has been resting (with the help of morphine).

Next week the doctors say there is a possibility that they will do another surgical procedure and place in a subdural drain, but they are going to wait till then because they want to see the results from the EVD. There has also been talk that they will most likely replace his VP Shunt with a programmable shunt... again this will require surgery.

The doctors cancelled the EGD (Esophagogastroduodenoscopy) for tomorrow, they instead decided to take a couple of steps backwards. They are going to redo the contrast xray and a CT to locate the exact placement of the G-Tube and make sure it is draining where it should be. After they have more information they will decide how to proceed, after talking with them it sounds like if the G-Tube is out of place (which they think that is the most logical explanation) then they will have to start all over again. Please pray that the doctors will be able to identify what the problem is with Adam's G-Tube and that they will be able to fix it quickly.

It's so hard to see Adam go through so much, his body has been through so much. I am so proud of him, I tell him every day that he is being God's servant in this season and he has no idea how many people he is touching... God is using him and I tell Adam, it's okay to be physically tired, but your spirit is so strong... I believe in him. I am so proud of how hard Adam is fighting. He is amazing and so strong. He's my man.

My heart is breaking for the Little family. There son Lucas went on to be with the Lord last night. You will recall that I met the Little family in the ICU at UNC a few weeks ago. Burnie, Lucas's father updated their blog with a very emotionally raw yet inspiring update. It has been so encouraging to see them walk through their storm and rely on God through it all. My prayers are with the Little family, and my heart aches for their loss. I am rejoicing that Lucas has been fully restored.

I will never be able to list all the people (even though I would love to name everyone individually) that I would like to thank, there are so many working behind the scene. There are those who sit with me, there are those that bless my family, there are those who have been so faithful in writing to me words of encouragement and scriptures. There are those who have taken care of things around my house, there are those who have sent gifts, there are those who faithfully pray and fast for Adam, there are those who made food or sent food to my house, there has been the nurses who spend hours talking with me and doing an amazing job caring for Adam, there are the doctors who have taken time out specifically just to talk to me and explain things thoroughly to me. There is family and no words can express my gratitude for family, there are so many of you that have stepped up and shown me what the body of Christ looks like and it is truly amazing. THANK YOU, and again thank you just doesn't seem like enough, but it's all I know how to say. I have said this before and I say it again... God will repay what I cannot, only heaven knows my heart. I am so thankful and all day I have reflected on how truly grateful I am. My heart is so full of thanksgiving.


Gretchen said...

Amy you are welcome and we love you! I wish I could be there for more of the physical needs but for now prayer and fasting

Murl Wallace said...

Amy, keep holding on to the Lord for your strength. He is so much more than we can ever know. Your posts give me a little incite into how God is holding you, and you will never know how much of an encouragement it is to see your spirit and your dependence on God. Diana and I love you and we will keep praying for you and Adam.
Murl Wallace

Hillary said...

We love you, too. You are right in that Adam is being a servant. God is most definitely using him and his situation to minister to a number of us, and I so thankful. Again, sending our love.

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