Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Long Surgery

Please pray for Adam as he just headed back to surgery, they are doing 2 seperate surgeries at one time.

First the doctors will be working on Adam's right side of the brain, they will be taking out the original shunt and place 2 more permanent shunts in. One to go into the inner ventricle and one for the outer subdural area. Adam has multiple fluid collections and they are not connected so they need to get the fluid and pressure to drain correctly in both areas. They will be also removing Adam's EVD at this time.

After they get Adam's right side done, they will prep his left side of his brain and start a whole new surgery. They will be placing Adam's bone flap back on (his skull).

Please pray that this will be the final surgery. The doctors said they are not even sure if this will work, but it's the best option they have to figure out Adam's pressures in his brain. Please pray for the doctors that are operating, pray that they can feel the power of God through Adam, that those who touch Adam are being touched by God's love.


Christina said...

Praying now Amy!

Anonymous said...


We are continuing to pray. We are walking beside you and so is HE!



pashastub said...

Praying for you and your family!! Love The MacCready's Aztec NM

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