Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Day In The ICU

Another day in the ICU... Adam had another CT scan today and the doctors are not satisfied with his results still looking like the last 2 CT scans. After talking with the Dr.'s today it sounds like they are going to monitor him for the next week or so and do a CT scan every few days. This will give them time to decide what the next should be. The Dr.'s said that if the fluid doesn't start to drain through the shunt they will have to remove the fluid. Please continue to pray that the fluid drains or absorbs so that Adam does not have to endure another operation.

Adam's day has been like the last few, he stormed a couple of times and his neuro exams have been up and down, but praise the Lord his vitals have been stable. Once today I saw Adam track with his eyes, I put my cell phone which had a picture of him and Mackenzie on the screen and he looked at it and followed it!

Tonight I am really missing Adam and it's a hard night... so please forgive me for the short post. I am waiting on the Lord tonight, asking Him to make me brave so that I can continue on this journey. I am putting into practice what it say in 1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." I am so glad he cares for me and loves me with an everlasting love, resting in Him tonight.


pashastub said...

Praying that healing is happening..Take care The MacCready's

Jody said...

We are continuing in prayer and are keeping up daily. I'll be in town July 13-18 so please let me know if I can do anything for you or Mackenzie.

Julie said...

Hey Amy! We are continuing to pray! I was listening to the song "Held" by Natalie Grant yesterday and thinking of you! I
pray that through this all you continue to feel the Lord's arms around you! His hugs are like no other!!! :D Julie for the Hales Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
My name is Vonda, I am Debby Coulters sister in law. I was with her in Florida when Adam had his accident. We were sitting at the table talking and sharing some things with each other when Glen (My Brother) gave her the computer to check her email. In her email was a note from someone, I am not sure who telling her that your husband had been in a terrible accident. Debby then told me a little about you and your daughter Mackenzie. She shared your story with me because I too have been in a single parent and all that that entales. When I got back home to Wisconsin I was thinking about you and Adam and Mackenzie a lot. So I called Debby and asked her how your husband was doing. She told me about your blog. I am so involved in your life, I hope that does not seem weird to you. I read your blog pretty much every day or every other day. I feel like I know you and your wonderful little family. I hope to someday meet you, Adam and Mackenzie. You seem like such a wonderfull person. I admire you for who you are and your faith. I am praying for Adam.
Vonda Stormer
McFarland, Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy
I just want to say thank you for your continued updates on Adam's condition, we love to hear when he is doing great; and even when the news is not good it reminds us to kick up our prayers an extra notch!
I also wanted to say in response to one of your previous posts to please ignore those who are trying to tell you how to "care" for yourself as well as Adam. As a nurse I truely believe that each person and their spouse is always the most reliable on knowing what they and their partner need to keep going! If being with Adam and helping him in every way makes it easier for you to handle this situation then more power to you! Plus it makes us family members feel like he is in the best hands he could possibly be in.
Love and Prayers
Cousin Savanna - Farmington, NM

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