Thursday, May 20, 2010

***WARNING*** Important Information

I appreciate so much everyones support, and I know that everyone wants to help... thank you.

PLEASE know that this is the only blog that I (Amy Root) am posting to. There are nice websites that people have set up to gain support for Adam, but please remember all those other sites are relying on updates and that information is coming second hand. Please remember when this happens, facts sometimes get mixed up.

I am so grateful for all those who want to get the word out and gain prayers and support (we need all the prayers we can get), but please respect the privacy of my family... this blog has always been somewhat of a family scrapbook. If you are taking pictures off my blog to post on your websites, please be respectful and only pick one or two. It's been really difficult to see all my personal family photos blasted across the internet.

Again, thank you for all your support and in getting the word out so that we can gain prayers across the nation, this has truly been powerful... and thank you for understanding and respecting our privacy.

If there are pictures you would like me to post send them to me via email.


Jewel said...

I'm sorry to hear that things are stressing you out right now. I'm glad you're being assertive about this though. We're praying for you continually about this and I so appreciate the updates. If you are feeling unequipped just know you completely are because of Jesus and His sufficient grace Amy. I love you:)

Bill said...

I support the comments from Amy - as we all truly want the prayers and well wishes that are being offered by everyone !! However, we need to avoid sharing second-hand, and often inaccurate, information or posting personal things on the web. This only serves to upset the family / friends and takes away from a focus of praying, fasting, etc. for God's continued blessing and miracle work as the Great Physician.

Taylor Root said...

Sorry. I removed nearly all photos off the website from your blog. Also took the link to your blog off the site. There have been more than 450 views of the website in the first 24 hours its been up, which I think is great. Lets not forget this is about/for Adam.

Also, the information that I get comes in an email directly from Jack Root or Brad Root. I simply copy paste them into the website.

Gretchen said...

Amy it is simply because we love and cherish Adam so much. If we were closer we would be taking care of the practical things like getting food, doing laundry for you, errands hugs, supplying tissue and a shoulder. We all just want to do something and it's our way of doing that. I will delete the couple of photos of Adam from my FaceBook. Doug has felt very lead by God to organize today's fasting and prayer to having many lifting up Adam and your family to God. We love you!


Bill LaPiana said...

Please don't misread a request for some caution, personal privacy, and assurance of the most accurate first-hand information as attacks on individuals. It is evident that everyone has the best intentions, loves Adam and his entire family, and wants to help out in any way possible. The post clearly noted that "There are nice websites.." & conveyed the genuine greatfulness and thanks for all that is being done. This a stressful time for all - but also a great opportunity for working together for Adam and his entire family.. God Bless !

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