Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love Always Hopes

For the last several mornings when I am allowed back in Adam's room we have our devotion time. I sing with him, pray with him, pray over his day, pray over his nurses, pray over his room. This time fills me with so much joy that I can rejoice in Lord and give thanks to Him for giving me one more day with the love of my life.

I love how no matter how many times you read a scripture verse it can come alive in different ways at different times. I was reading 1 Corinthians 13:7 "Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." I vow to protect Adam by being his advocate, I vow to trust that God is in control, I vow to recognize where my hope comes from and I vow to continue to step one foot in front of the next and contine to endure this marathon that is in front of me. In the words of Adam's nurse "That's why they call it the living word... because it keeps speaking." Amen to that!!!

As far as an update goes on Adam... He is still unresponsive, but I have noticed involuntary movements on both sides of his body, which is a baby step in the right direction. His temprature has continued throughout the day, but seems to slowly be coming down this evening... Praise the Lord!!! His heart rate has been elevated for what seems to be no apparent reason. Please continue to pray, Adam goes back into surgery tomorrow... this is a simple procedure to put in a feeding tube into his stomach and put the ventaltor internal through his throat. To remove the tubes from his nose and mouth and puting the tubes in his stomach and throat, will help lower the risk of pneomnia and other infections. You all have been awesome prayer warriors, keep it up!

The song Broken Hallelujah by Mandisa has been perfect:

With my love and sadness
I come before You Lord
My heart's in a thousand pieces
Maybe even more

Yet I trust in this moment
You're with me somehow
And You've always been faithful
So Lord even now

When all that I can sing
Is a broken hallelujah
When my only offering
is shattered praise
Still a song of adoration
Will rise up from these ruins
I will worship You and give You thanks
Even when my only praise
Is a broken hallelujah

Oh Father, You have given
Much more that I deserve
And I have felt Your hand of blessing
On me at every turn

How could I doubt Your goodness
Your wisdom, Your grace
So Lord hear my heart in this painful place

I love you all for joining me in prayer for my wonderful husband. I am so blessed that God has picked me to be the one to love, honor, and cherish Adam W. Root.


Anonymous said...

You have been on my mind all week! And as I read your blog, I am so thankful to the Lord for His presence, strength and joy in your life during such an unbelievably difficult time. It is an encouragement to us all!
Our family will continue to be in prayer for Adam's healing and strength and comfort for you and McKenzie.

Bonnie Davis

Mary said...

Your broken hallelujah is probably the purest one He's heard this morning. I so want to tell you my wrestling/pleading/struggle with God yesterday but I'll wait til we speak. Thank you for continuing to teach me Amy. I love you.

southpaw1 said...

Your strength and faith are truly a wonderful testimony to our family. May Jesus continue to uphold you and keep you during this difficult trial.

"In the day when I cried Thou answered me and strengthened me with strength in my soul." Psalm 138:3

In Christ,
Diane and Tom Dupre

Watts Family said...

Amy - so glad to hear that you are doing well and hanging in there. Spoke with Rob yesterday and he told me about your conversation. Happy to hear that you have family members there to support you and to watch over MacKenzie while you continue to care for Adam. Please give him our love and a big hug for MacKenzie and know that you are always in our thoughts! The Watts Family

Karie Garner said...

Your posts are beautiful. I am amazed at your strength and faith in God. We are praying continually for healing.

Karie Garner

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