Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Long Over Due Post

This has been a long winter here in North Carolina, and unseasonably chilly. We have had snow 3 times in a month which is extremely unusual from what we here. Brrrrrrrrrrr cold is all I have to say.

Last weekend after it has snowed all night Adam was talking about building a snowman, when I told him that I had never partaken in building a snowman... not only was he shocked, he was downright offended. I knew what the fate of my morning was... yup building a snowman!

This is my sweet neighbor Jackie and her husky Josh.

I had always avoided building snowman because I hate being cold, boy was I wrong... I was sweating by the time we were done rolling this portion of snowman.

Mackenzie too worked up a sweat.

My muscle man putting him all together.

How cute are they?!!!

I love this picture, how sweet! I am the world's luckiest woman to have these 2.

Meet Stanley the Snowman

Time well spent!

Until next time may the Lord keep you and show you His love for you everyday.