Thursday, September 17, 2009

Precious Moments

Mackenzie is growing so quickly before my eyes. Day by day I am loosing my little girl to this young tween that she is becoming. So I want to share with you the precious moments that I expericed with her today because in a couple of years, I might need the reminder myself :)

This morning while Mackenzie was upstairs getting ready for school I came downstairs and caught a couple of minutes to myself... so I quietly was kneeling before the Lord this morning in prayer, my eyes were shut and I was quiet and consumed in my few moments of prayer. When I opened my eyes I found Mackenzie kneeling right beside me in prayer. What a precious and beauitful sight that was.

This evening I was tucking Mackenzie into bed and while I was laying with her she said "Mommy, I am really glad you had me when you were young... because I got to see you sooner and be with you sooner."

Why I got both of these in one day I have no clue, but thank you Jesus for my precious gift from above.

James 1:7 "Every good and perfect gift is from above"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where does all the time go?

Well, I can honestly say it's been forever.

Spring and summer were busy seasons for the Root household. First there were lots of end of year school events that had to be attended. Then there was the fact that I became a high school youth leader at my church, that took my away to camp for a week (talk about a commitment)... then there was the fact that summer started and for the first 4 weeks of summer I parked it right next to the pool. Can't forget my 5 week trip to the Pacific Northwest (which by the way 5 weeks is a long time to not sleep in your own bed).

And finally we returned just in time for school to start. While on my trip I was convicted of spending to much time on other things than what God has called me to do. So here I am getting back to the basics and blogging again about how amazing my life is and what a wonderful God I worship!

Here are some highlights from our summer!

I do have the cutest nephew ever!

Wine tasting with Adam's Dad, bothers, and teaching our niece the ropes of wine tasting!

Don't I have a hot husband!

Adam and I wine tasting at Chateau Ste. Michelle

Mackenzie's celebrated her 9th birthday... where does all the time go?

Multnomah Falls, OR (For all my NC friends... this is a real water fall!)

Adam's parents farm... isn't it amazing!

Mackenzie with the horses... if she's not in the barn or on a vet call with gramps... she's with the horses!

Mackenzie and the mini donkey :)

My incredible sister-in-law, Shandal... Love her!

YUMMY!!!! Crab with Tristan and Amanda!

One of my favorite places in WA... Edmonds Beach!

The Mariners game with my unkle George... Go Mariners... Go Griffey!

My favorite Washington Festival... Anacortes Arts Festival!

Such an awesome day with my mom, Mackenzie and me!

Mom and Me!

Mackenzie's first day of Fourth Grade :)

Until next time may the Lord keep you and show you His love for you everday.