Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring is just around the corner...

The Root household has had a revolving door the last few days... it has been crazy.

I used to think it was just living in Washington that when the weather would start to warm up schedules would increasingly get busier, because people were awakening from there winter hibernation. And who could blame them when all it does in Seattle is rain and snow from Oct to May. But on the other side of the states here in North Carolina it has begun to warm up and sure enough our schedules have been heating up as well.

I'm not sure what has happened, but Mackenzie's schedule has become so busy between sports, church activities, school commitments, I feel like lately we have been consistently coming and going. The next couple of weeks are only scheduled to get busier. There is something about spring and summer being so busy it goes by so quickly.

Ahhh... spring seems to be just around the corner.

One of Mackenzie's many activities

Until next time may the Lord keep you and show you His love for you everday.

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Jewel said...

And now it's snowing right? Hehe...miss you!