Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Proud Mommy Moment

I had a very proud mommy moment that brought to absolute tears of joy yesterday...

Adam has been working very long hours and has been exhausted, but when he has been home on the weekends he has been shooting hoops in our driveway.

When Mackenzie and I were at the grocery store last night she saw an orange and black basketball (orange and black are Adam's favorite colors because of the Oregon State Beavers), she asked if she could buy it with her own money. She was so proud of her purchase. She then came home and wrote Adam the most beautiful card, it reads...

Dear Adam,
Thank you for choosing me. I know it is a choice for choosing me and my mom. I love you a lot and I try to do my best respecting you.

How amazing is it that she gets it. Love and Respect is a choice, a daily choice. God is so good.

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Carlee said...

ummm I love your kid. How sweet! You have an awesome family!