Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What does having a baby do with being married?

I am not trying to offend anyone out there by this posting, so if I do that is not my intention and I am sorry if that happens. I know some of my friends struggle with infertility and it is not my intention to upset any of those that are going through such a difficult and emotional struggle.

Venting beginning...

Seriously... why is it that after you are married the first question out of peoples mouths is "So when are you guys going to have kids?" Or my favorite... if you haven't seen someone in awhile they might ask... "So are you pregnant yet?"

I love my life the way that it is right now and I am living in the moment, which at this point in time is all we have. Besides having a child already and being newly married (well okay it's been a year and half, but whatever) is an adjustment for all of us and a year and a half later we are STILL adjusting. I want to enjoy this time of being just the three of us. What more could I want right now... I am deeply and madly in love with my husband and I am blessed beyond belief with my precious gift of a daughter.

I am first and foremost His servant. I know that God has already planned our family. Everything has been made perfect in His time.

The love of my life!
I am seriously the luckiest girl in the whole world!

Our perfect family!

Until next time my the Lord be with you and show you His love for you everyday.

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Carlee said...

HEYYYYA- look at you blogging. I thought you gave that stuff up. Well I'm excited to start checking your blog again and reading about your life. Love the pictures, you should post some of North Carolina, your house and things you look at everyday so I can picture what you look at everyday! Love you and miss you..Yeah about the blogging again.

P.S. How did you find out about the backgrounds? I was just looking at that cite yesterday and just about picked a background just like yours minus the hearts. CRAZY!!! We're so alike....except I picked a different one.