Saturday, January 31, 2009

An Afternoon with Norman Rockwell

Mackenzie and I enjoyed an amazing afternoon at the Chrysler Art Museum in Norfolk, VA. They had a really well done Norman Rockwell exhibit that featured 41 of his original oil paintings, all 323 covers he did for the Saturday Evening Post, a short video on his life and an audio tour through the exhibit. The audio tour was quite interesting, Norman Rockwell's son Peter walked you through the paintings and exhibit, explaining the personal touches that his father added to each one. Sometimes the models that sat for the paintings spoke about their experience sitting for the painting. They had a separate audio tour specifically for children, it had a hired actor pretending to be Norman Rockwell or the children in the paintings... we did both tours and we couldn't get enough.

Ever since taking my art history course in college I have really liked Norman Rockwell, he painted the good in what he saw in everyday images, until later in his career when he started to paint about civil rights which was a passionate cause for Norman Rockwell.

Mackenzie and I wondered through the exhibit for hours falling more in love with every painting. I have always known that Mackenzie has a love for art, but taking her to an art museum was an eye opening experience for me.
Mackenzie in front of the Museum

When I asked Mackenzie which painting was her favorite she took me over to this painting.
Every mother can relate to this picture

I really enjoyed this painting, the boy in the painting is Norman Rockwell's son Jarvis


After finishing this painting Norman Rockwell gave this as a gift to someone he admired... Walt Disney

Norman Rockell's first cover for the Saturday Evening Post, he was only 22 at the time.

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