Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We are still trucking!!!

To all of you who were hoping to be tracking our progress via our blog, I apologize for not keeping a daily log, we just have been having too much fun to take time to blog.

I will be posting a long update with pictures when we arrive in North Carolina.

After spending time in Colorado with Adam's cousins Brett and Jen for a few days (which was so much fun and one of the most relaxing vacations either of us have had in a long time) we stopped in at the Terada's in Wichita for a nice visit and now we are getting ready to depart from Kansas City and heading towards Lexington, KY.


carlee said...

I would LOVE to see pictures....Talk to you on Wednesday!

Carlee said...

ok...I'm officially not checking your so-called blog anymore...because nothing is on it? (sarcastically said with a hint of truth on the side). You silly blogger you!

Carlee said...

Are you a blog quitter? I see no PICTURES of ANYTHING new! I'm slightly upset about this and I hope you can figure out a way to mend this situation......pshhhhh