Friday, June 13, 2008

Got To Keep Up

Well now that I am done working and we are embarking on this journey of moving to the east coast, I figured I should start to blog regularly so that all of our friends and family know what we are up to...

The last couple of days have been hectic. The movers finished packing and loading our entire house into a semi-truck today. We have known that we were moving since March, but just in the last couple of days it's been hitting hard. I finished my last day of work, I completed all court activities, we have an empty house, we are living out of a hotel, and the goodbye's have started... yup it's official. As excited as I am to have a fresh start, my heart is already beginning to ache with sadness to have to say goodbye to our friends and family. I know that God has a plan for our family and I am excited to see what that entails.

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